For this Priora installation of permeable interlocking concrete pavers, a blend of colours were used to create a textured finish.

Keyblok Priora Interlocking Pavers School Bus Bay

The main products used were Brindle and Bracken in Keyblok Priora 60mm. The Keyblok Natural (Normal, not permeable) was then used as the border. 

The compressive strength of the Marshalls commercial range is suitable for most commercial applications. As such, even the 60mm thick product is able to withstand heavy loads for Category 9 loading – “heavy duty applications such as ports and similar.” This is atypical for normal interlocking paving applications in Singapore where the 60mm thickness is usually for pedestrian walkways. As such, the Marshalls commercial 60mm range can be used even for bus bays and fire engine accessways so long as the sub-base is specified according to the necessary loading requirements. 

Closeup Priora Interlocking Pavers Singapore

The two colours are fairly similar, creating a rustic feel using the entry level permeable interlocking concrete paver system.

However, it did create some issues during the installation process as we were not able to work at night as the boys were not able to differentiate the two colours despite the use of flood lights. 

Products Used

Keyblok Priora 60mm – Brindle & Bracken 

Keyblok 60mm – Natural

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Keyblok Priora Installation at School
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