We are featuring our second Priora installation for the footpath of a residential estate in central Singapore! 

Keyblok Priora in Charcoal

For this installation, we used the 60mm thick Priora in Charcoal with the complementary kerbs. This is permeable paver with 10mm granite chipping as the infill instead of the typical fine sand for normal interlocking pavers. 

Permeable handicapped access ramp

The above picture showcases the seamless transition to the wheelchair ramp. The kerbs above are RC kerbs, painted to match the pavers and kerbs. 

Priora installation

These pavers integrate seamlessly with the overall landscape design as part of the sustainable water drainage system. The above photo shows the bioretention basins next to the pavers for the overall ABC waters project design. 

In the herringbone pattern, the pavers are even able to support the load of a fire engine, acting as a fire engine access way in 60mm thickness. 

Seamless connection to driveway

*The photos were taken at different time frames and in varying weather conditions hence there may be differences in tonality in the photos. 

Keyblok Priora Footpath Installation at Residential Estate
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