The Keyblok is the cornerstone of our interlocking concrete paving system for a wide variety of open spaces and urban landscapes. It is a durable and long-lasting solution, designed to withstand anything up to the heaviest loading applications including airports, service yards and adopted highways.

  • The Standard Keyblok has chamfered edges to minimise spalling and create a classical aesthetic.
  • Pencil Edge Keyblok minimises the chamfer to provide a smoother, flatter surface – ideal for reducing noise and resistance in trafficked areas.
  • Keyblok Vintage is a pre-weathered, lightly distressed block which is ideal for complementing rural, rustic projects.

Keyblok Priora 

The Keyblok Priora is our most well known product for bringing sustainable urban drainage design to life. 

It comes in the 200×100 format with two thickness available – 60mm and 80mm. 

Priora is Marshalls original Concrete Block Permeable Paving (CBPP) system, and the best selling system of its type. Combining the ever popular aesthetics of Keyblok block paving with a source-control SuDS solution, it not only looks great but also mitigates flood risk, removes surface water and improves water quality – without the need for additional linear drainage systems.

The system has been proven over 10 years of successfully installed projects. The patented nib on the edge of the blocks creates voids through which water falls into a specially prepared sub-base. The nibs also interlock to enhance surface stability.

As long as the sub-base is installed to Marshalls specification, it is suitable for all loading requirements.

  • Part of our best-selling permeable block paving range
  • 40% more interlock than standard blocks
  • Ideal for pedestrianised areas and occasional heavy traffic
  • Can withstand loads of up to 7.5 tonnes
  • Priora is also available in 2 different Machine Lay formats

Colours and Finishes

The Keyblok is often complemented with the KeyKerb to complete the overall design aesthetic.


Keyblok 200x100x60mm Datasheet

Keyblok 200x100x80mm Datasheet

Priora 200x100x60mm Datasheet

Priora 200x100x80mm Datasheet

Keykerb KL Datasheet